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    5 Reasons For Selling Your Totalled Car ASAP

    The popular saying, Old is gold can’t be interpreted assuming an absolute uniformity of practice and product. While an ancient manuscript may have very high monetary value, an ageing car in disrepair may land you in trouble on the road. But that doesn’t come in the way of hiring a reputed car-wrecking company.

    Industry studies show that it takes longer to sell a car privately. There are several factors that a private buyer checks before agreeing to pay you in exchange. But keeping it unused in the garage isn’t a solution.

    No laws are preventing you from selling a damaged car. One must be honest with the buyer and never try to misrepresent their vehicle’s condition, for a successful exchange.

    Keep reading to know more about the reasons for trading your totalled car

    1. Saving money on repair and upkeep

    An old car can become a burden with tremendous investments in upkeep with no returns. Your vehicle may easily exceed the many miles on road, but at what cost? A damaged car’s dependability decreases over time. While new tires, AC servicing, wheel balancing and alignment are unavoidable for regular rigorous use, aged automobiles require some expensive repair services like transmission or engine starter replacement.

    This, among other significant factors, is why many trade in their vehicle when acquiring a new one.

    2. Earning easy cash

    Embarrassed by the outdated and damaged granny car sitting in your garage? Worry not! There are car wreckers offering hard cash after assessment, no matter the make or model.

    When trying to sell your car privately, a potential buyer will not risk getting a vehicle with problems. While a private exchange is open to negotiations, a reputed company dealing with car for cash in Auckland follows a rate card. They intend to use your car for scrap metal, electrical parts and other components.

    An added advantage of a car wrecker company is that they provide same-day doorstep pickup and cash in exchange before leaving.

    3. Recycling

    Studies show that a partially damaged car holds more value than a dead one. This is because more than 80% of a four-wheeler, including the metal, tyres, battery or components like the exhaust system can be recycled to make new machines. Experienced car wreckers with a thorough knowledge of new and old automobiles know the possible applications of scrapped parts. Reduced wastage of metals like titanium saves the earth’s natural resources.

    4. Preventing health problems

    The maximum amount of impurities in the environment is released by cars in disrepair. Metal rust and fumes through exhaust pipes of vehicles can cause some health issues and respiratory problems in the users, in the long run. Long-term exposure to nitrogen oxides can affect a person’s immune system.

    Although modern cars have controlled emissions, the hydrocarbons released have carcinogenic characteristics.

    5. Maintaining road safety 

    The saying, “Prevention is better than cure” is relevant in the context of road safety. One can’t foresee accidents like skidding, but you can always avoid them. Repairing old cars by replacing brake fluids and checking coolant levels to prevent overheating can be expensive. Hence, exchanging your damaged four-wheeler for a new one can reduce risks on road and upkeep expenses.


    Roads are generally public property. Sell your totalled car to maintain every road user’s safety.

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