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    6 Things You Must Know Before Scrapping Your Old Car

    If you have an old car rusting in your garage, you might be wondering what to do with it? Should you repair it? Should you just discard it?

    Well, that depends upon the condition of the vehicle. If the repair cost of the vehicle is very high, then the best way to deal with it is to get rid of it in exchange for some cash.

    Yes, you read that right! Companies that deal with car scrap Auckland pick up junk cars, and offer the best deal in cash for the vehicle.

    But before you scrap your old car, here is a list of few things you must do.

    Collect Personal Belongings

    A lot of car owners forget to collect their belongings before selling their car to the auto wreckers. This includes insurance papers, driving license, car registration certificate, and other personal belongings.

    That said, you must search inside the trunk and storage compartments thoroughly to ensure you don’t lose anything.

    Remove All The Valuable Parts

    Squeeze out as much money as you can before contacting a licensed dealer. The idea is to remove all the valuable components that will ensure good money when sold individually.

    The parts can include entertainment systems, starter motors, alternators, etc.

    Keep Your Documents Ready

    Make sure your car’s documents are in order before you transfer the ownership. Reliable Toyota Wreckers in Auckland will rectify the paperwork before buying the scrap car from you.

    If you don’t have the car’s title in hand, check your state’s DMV and get it replaced.

    Remove The License Plates

    You will need the car’s license plates even after it is completely smashed. This is because, in certain states, the government requires the vehicle’s owner to show the license plates upon title cancellation.

    So, make sure you are covered.

    Cancel The Insurance

    No one wants to pay for a vehicle that they don’t own anymore. What’s the point? So, ensure you cancel the car’s insurance and notify the provider about the situation of the vehicle.

    In case you paid the full amount up front; you will likely get a refund.

    Find A Reliable Car Dealer For The Best Deal

    Once you have followed the above-mentioned steps, start looking for a reliable, licensed car dealer/ auto wrecker.

    Search the web for “auto wrecking companies near you”, and contact the top ones on the list. Ask for quotations and lookout for the best deals.

    Before signing the dotted line, ensure you check the credibility of the dealer.

    Here you have them – Top Things To Do Before Scrapping Your Old Car.

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