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Get Rid of Your Old Vehicle with Car Removal in South Auckland

Next time you need a service for car removal in South Auckland, give us a call at Mega Car Parts and Collection. For five years, we have been helping drivers throughout the Auckland area get rid of old and unwanted cars. These vehicles are often difficult to divest yourself of—especially if they are no longer drivable. We simplify the equation by coming to you and towing the car away.

How to Troubleshoot Car Removal in South Auckland

When you decide to sell a newer car—one that is still drivable and still has some good years left in it—it’s not usually difficult to get trade-in value for it, or to find a buyer. With older cars, though, finding a buyer can be significantly more challenging. Here’s how to troubleshoot the problem:

  • Call Mega Car Parts and Collection: At Mega Car Parts and Collection, we offer cash for cars in South Auckland. No matter how old and seemingly unusable your old, legacy vehicle, there is probably value in the parts or scrap metal. We’re interested in any car you have to sell—even if no other buyer is.
  • Wait for us to come to you: Once you call us, tell us about your car and give us an address, we will be on our way immediately. In most cases, we will pick up your vehicle within 30 minutes of confirming the job.
  • Get paid: At pickup, we will pay you the value of the car as we see it, you’ll sign over the car to us and we will tow the vehicle away. It’s that simple!

How Much Do You Really Know about Car Wreckers in South Auckland?

Some car owners are hesitant to work with car wreckers in South Auckland and would prefer to sell their vehicles in other ways. However, compared to dealerships or other private buyers, car wreckers offer one of the best vehicle selling experiences you can have. Here are a few things you might not know about vehicle wrecking businesses that have cash-for-cars programs:

  • We are faster: Selling a car is a hassle in most cases. It’s a process that involves appraisals, inspection, negotiation and plenty of back and forth. If you are trying to sell the car privately, you can factor advertising costs into the equation. With a car wrecker that offers cash for cars in South Auckland, you can sell your car and get paid for it today, without all the rigamarole.
  • We give quotes: A big part of the hassle with selling a car privately is haggling over price. Car wreckers know a lot about vehicles and their value for parts or scrap metal. At Mega Car Parts and Collection, we can give you a quote for what we can pay for your car through our website. Even if you decide to sell your car in a different fashion, it can be useful to know what you can get for it from us.
  • We recycle: Your old car shouldn’t just collect dust and rust in your backyard. It still has value in the parts and metal. Mega Car Parts and Collection helps you recycle those components so they don’t go to waste.

Why Choose Mega Car Parts and Collection?

At Mega Car Parts and Collection, we will give you a fair price for old cars and make the process quick and easy. To learn more about our car removal in South Auckland, contact us today.

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