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Working with car wreckers in Auckland can make your life easier, in numerous ways. When it comes to selling an old car, the number of potential buyers is generally fairly small. An old vehicle that has been driven into the ground—or that has been wrecked in a recent collision—isn’t worth the purchase and repair costs for most people. Simply put, the value of most cars, for most people, is tied directly to drivability.

Fast Facts about Auto Wreckers in Auckland

When you work with auto wreckers in Auckland, things are a bit different. Here are a few quick facts about car wreckers, in case you have never worked with one before:

  • Auto wreckers don’t care about drivability: The usual considerations that buyers focus on—car drivability, condition, damage, cosmetic factors, number of kilometres, etc.—are largely irrelevant to car wreckers. An auto wrecker buys a car for scrap metal and parts—not for the car itself.
  • Auto wreckers will buy virtually any car: At Mega Car Parts and Collection, we are willing to buy any type of vehicle. From cars to vans to trucks to tractors to 4x4s and beyond, we will buy it. Dead or alive, old or new, damaged or in decent condition, we will buy it. The condition of the car will impact how much we will pay, but it won’t influence our decision on whether to buy the vehicle from you.
  • Auto wreckers will remove your car at no charge: When you call vehicle wreckers in Auckland, the assumption will be that your vehicle is not drivable. In other words, if you decide to work with Mega Car Parts and Collection, you won’t be expected to get the car to us. Instead, we will come to you to pick it up and tow it away.

Things You Can Learn from Mega Car Parts and Collection

Are you interested in selling your vehicle to car wreckers in Auckland, NZ? If so, get in touch with us at Mega Car Parts and Collection today. Immediately, we can give you a few pieces of information about your car, including:

  • The cash-for-cars value of your vehicle: We have a quote form on our website where you can let us know the year, make, model and condition of your vehicle. Based on the details you provide; we can give you a quote of how much we can pay for your car. We pay more than other cash-for-cars services in Auckland.
  • The pickup time for your vehicle: We don’t delay in collecting vehicles. Once you accept our bid, we will be able to tell you when our truck will arrive to tow your car away. In most cases, we offer pickup within 30 minutes of an accepted bid.
  • The answers to any other questions you might have: We pride ourselves on friendly and helpful customer service at Mega Car Parts and Collection. If you have any questions that go beyond the value of your car and the estimated pickup time, just let us know.

About Mega Car Parts and Collection

For more than 15 years, Mega Car Parts and Collection have been the premier car wreckers in Auckland. With four locations, an in-depth knowledge of cars and a reputation for paying the best cash-for-cars rates, we are your best bet for selling an old car. Contact us today to get started.


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