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    Are you looking for the best car wreckers in the Bay of Plenty? If yes, then your search ends here at Mega Car Collection. One of the trusted car buyers in the region; we trade your old car for cash.

    We understand that selling a scrap car brings a lot of challenges. You may not find the right buyer and if you do so, the money will not be worth the vehicle. Realising all these demerits, we at Mega Car Collection have streamline our services that fulfill all your needs. Our cash for cars crew come to your place, evaluate your car and propose an offer. If you accept the deal, we pay instant cash for your unwanted car and remove it for free!

    We are your single place to get rid of your scrap car and get cash in exchange. So, don’t miss out on your car for cash offer. Call us now!

    Car Wreckers in Bay of Plenty

    Get cash for your car with free car removal!

    Mega Car Collection are one of the premier car wreckers in Bay of Plenty who offer excellent services customised to your needs. Being in the wrecking business for so many years, we have seen the industry grow and are a part of some of the efficient systems you currently see in the industry.

    We believe that if your car is not running as per your expectations despite making expensive repairs, then there is no need to drive it. Rather than, you can sell that scrap car for a huge chunk of money and use that to buy a new one. Sounds exciting? Yes. We at Mega Car Collection buy all types of vehicles irrespective of the brand, size and condition. Accidental, without registration or completely dead, we buy them all.

    So, why wait? Get top cash for car. Call us now for a free quote.

    Second Hand Car Parts in Bay of Plenty

    Most of the car owners face difficulties even after replacing the faulty car parts with the new and aftermarket parts. Reason? They fail to comply with the manufacturer’s standards. If you use cheap aftermarket parts, they cause more harm than good to your vehicle. The incompatibility between different components breaks down the overall system and thus degrades the performance.

    Mega Car Collection sells high-quality genuine second hand parts that precisely fit the intended make and model. We have a wide variety of parts available including mechanical parts, electrical components and car body parts. So, buy the best parts and revamp your vehicle. Call now.

    Used Car Parts in Bay of Plenty

    Mega Car Collection is one of the recognised auto recyclers in the Bay of Plenty. Being a responsible Kiwi business, we understand our role in keeping the environment sustainable. Thus, we devise a strategy that keeps the environment free from vehicle pollutants and also help car owners get quality parts at reasonable prices.

    How do we manage it? Well, when we tow your junk car to our scrapyard, we take out the functional parts from the vehicle. We then repair them and confirm their usability through safety testing. If all goes right, we put them on sale at highly affordable prices. Thus, reducing landfill waste and helping carowners get useful parts.

    Car Removal Services in Bay of Plenty

    Are you tired of driving your old vehicle? Is it not running despite expensive repairs? Is it taking extra space in your garage? If your old vehicle is of no use, then you can sell it at the best prices here at Mega Car Collection along with free vehicle removal service!

    Our car wreckers are always on the hunt of old, scrap cars. We value every component of the vehicle and grab every opportunity to make a profitable deal. This means, you don’t have to come to us. Our car wreckers arrive at your place, pre-evaluate the car and pay the cash.

    Additionally, we make the arrangements to tow your car for free. Yes. you read it right. You don’t have to hire a tow-truck and pay the fee, we make all the arrangements without charging a penny. So, what are you waiting for? Call us now for a free car removal service.


    How can I sell my car fast in Bay of Plenty?

    One call to Mega Car Collection and you are settled. If you want to sell your car quickly, Mega Car collection makes the process quick and efficient. We come to you, evaluate the car, pay cash and tow it away. No cheques, no fake promises, direct cash payment on the spot. Call us now for a free quote.

    Can you buy second hand car parts in Bay of Plenty?

    Yes. If you are in a desperate need of a specific car part that is no longer available in the market, here is your chance to get it. Mega Car Collection sells a variety of high-quality, used second hand parts at affordable prices. Just call us and one of our experts will assist you.

    Why Should you choose Mega Car Collection for Car Wrecking in Bay of Plenty?

    Mega Car Collection are experienced and professional car wreckers in the Bay of Plenty who puts customers first. With the highest cash for cars, free car removal service and all services managed by the crew, we make the best car wreckers in the region. Make the smart choice and sell your car to us.

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