Car Wreckers in Manukau


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Car Wreckers in Manukau

Sell your old car in Manukau for the best price without the unnecessary drama. We will buy your car in one visit, and that too within 24 hours of your first call. Imagine the amount of hassle you can avoid by selling your old car to us in three simple steps.


  1. Give us a call to schedule a no-obligation assessment.
  2. Get a quote.
  3. Accept the offer and get paid on the spot.

If you have sold your old car before and that too to an individual, you already know the hassles of taking hundreds of phone calls and meeting a lot of prospective buyers. Half of them show up only to waste your time and the rest of them will try to nickel and dime you.

Should you choose to sell your car to Mega Car Collection, you will not have to go through all this.

Cash for Car in Manukau

Sell your car to us and get paid in full cash before we remove your car from your premises. Our cash for car service in Manukau is available 7 days a week. If you have made up your mind while reading this, give us a call and sell your car within 24 hours.

Second Hand Car Parts in Manukau

Some cars are cheaper to maintain while some cost a small fortune. No matter which car you own, you can reduce your maintenance cost by using old functional parts rather than going for the new ones. We provide all kinds of second-hand car parts in Manukau, for all models and makes. Check availability with just one phone call.

Used Car Parts in Manukau

The used car parts that we sell are in good condition and most of them are as good as new. Used car parts make sense. Here’s why: You smashed one of the headlights of your car in an accident, for instance. We will give you a fully functional used headlight at a fraction of the cost of brand new. Also, a used headlight will blend in perfectly with your old car.

Car Removal Services in Manukau

We buy your car and remove it from your premises free of cost. Most cars that we buy are not in great condition to drive. For those, we have our tow trucks ready throughout Manukau and its adjoining areas.

Want to sell your car fast and for the best price? Give us a call today.

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