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    The hardships of driving an old, unwanted car is no secret. Faulty engines, loose breaks, low-fuel efficiency, there’s a whole list of issues car owners come across while driving an old car. No matter how hard you try one or the next day, it starts to deteriorate. So, ditch that old junk piece of metal and sell it for cash!

    Mega Car Collection are premier car wreckers in Waikato who offer cash for cars. So, if you have an unwanted vehicle, i.e., car, truck or van that is no longer in use, we will happily buy it. Our Waikato cash for car crew has a keen eye for detail and can quickly quote the best price for your cars.

    So, what are you waiting for? Get cash for your old car on the spot from reliable car wreckers serving the Waikato region and surroundings. We cover Bay of Plenty, Street Frankton, Hamilton and nearby areas.

    Car Wreckers in Waikato

    If you had made a sale to an individual car buyer previously, you know how daunting it can be. Regular calls, too many questions, several appointments, the drama seems never-ending. And, even if you manage to find a suitable buyer, the price is not worth the value of the car.

    This is where our services come into play. Being a reliable car wrecker in Waikato for years, we understand the pain a car owner goes through. So, we devise our services in a way that is convenient, simple and hassle-free. We have highly experienced auto appraisers in the team who have a solid understanding of the automotive industry. They are well-versed with the car brands and their components, know how much the resale value can go, and aware of the used car market.

    So, if you are looking for the best car wreckers in Waikato, offering cash for cars, free vehicle removal and auto recycling, then Mega Car Collection is the name you can rely on. We come to your doorsteps, perform car valuation and offer the highest cash for your unwanted vehicle.

    Plus, we offer a free car removal service in Waikato that does not burden you with extra cost. Call our car wreckers to get a free quote!

    Second Hand Car Parts in Waikato

    The first car is special for everyone. It has beautiful memories attached to it. But as time passes, the vehicle starts to deteriorate. It requires extra care than regular maintenance. Well, if you love your first ride, then we are sure you will go places to keep it in its pristine condition. And, to meet your needs, we at Mega Car Collection provide high-quality, functional second-hand car parts in Waikato at highly affordable prices.

    We know old car parts are hard to find, but we have a range of quality auto parts available from various makes and models. As we accept all sorts of cars, you can find specific components that precisely fit your vehicle. From headlights and windscreens to car hoods and A/C units, we have a wide range of vehicle parts available.

    However, if you feel your car is not roadworthy enough, we are ready to buy it for cash along with free removal service. Connect with us today.

    Used Car Parts in Waikato

    Mega Car Collection is not only a car trading business but also aims to achieve sustainable environmental practices. Junk, scrap cars load the landfill with harmful waste that results in toxic fumes, ultimately damaging the environment. At Mega Car Collection, we minimise waste by recycling car components.

    Yes, as a responsible Kiwi business, we take pride in recycling maximum car components and minimising landfill waste. We do this by extracting out the used, functional parts from your car and then repairing them to be installed on other vehicles. Whether you have a UTE, SUV, 4WD or truck, we recycle parts of most of the vehicles and sell them at highly affordable prices.

    It also helps car owners keep their car’s look optimal as it matches the shade, colour and functioning of the vehicle. A new engine won’t be as compatible with the fuel system as an old one. So, make the right choice and sell your car to us.

    Car Removal Services in Waikato

    An old car parked in the backyard is an eyesore to the property. Having a nice-painted beautiful home and a junk car parked next to it only ruins your property look. And, if it caught the eye of local authorities, you may be asked to pay a hefty fine.

    Additionally, old cars accumulate dirt and moisture and can become a cause of several respiratory diseases. So, the best way to get rid of it is to sell it. Yes. Mega Car Collection are top wreckers in Waikato specialising in professional vehicle removal. We have state of the art tools and equipment to lift your car and tow it to our scrapyard.

    Whether it has got wheels or without wheels, movable or immovable, dead or alive, our professionals are trained to remove all types of vehicles irrespective of the condition. We use dedicated straps, lifts and abide by all safety measures to lift your car without causing any mishap.

    We have small tow trucks for cars and revamped large trucks with ramps to load heavy vehicles like 4WDs, UTEs and vans. We come to you, inspect the vehicle, pay cash on the spot and remove it for free! So, why wait? Call us now.



    Yes. If you need a specific car part for your old vehicle, you can get it at Mega Car Collection. We are the top wreckers in Waikato who buy old, unwanted vehicles of all makes and models, which enable us to extract the used parts and made them available to you at affordable prices.

    When you choose Mega Car Collection to sell your car, you can be assured you are dealing with licensed car wreckers in the region. We are quick in our services and offer the highest cash price for your unwanted vehicle, along with free removal. Plus, our experienced auto appraisers manage all the paperwork. So, make the right choice and call us now!


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