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    If you have a fleet of unwanted cars that are no longer in use, then you can sell them to leading cars wreckers in Wellington at the best prices. Mega Car Collection offers top cash for cars. Whatever the make or model is, irrespective of the size and condition of your unwanted vehicle, we will pay you top cash for cars. We are the Wellington cash for cars specialists you can rely on.

    Being local, our cash for cars Wellington crew has an in-depth understanding of the used car market. Plus, our vast network keeps us updated about the ongoing market prices. These factors help us quote the highest cash for cars in Wellington.

    So, if you are planning to sell your car, Mega Car Collection is the place. We can pay upto $15,000 cash for used cars! Yes, you read it right. If your unwanted cars are roadworthy but lack your requirements, we are ready to buy them at prices that will exceed your expectations.

    So, why wait? Get instant cash for used cars in Wellington. Call our cash for cars Wellington staff now!

    Car Wreckers in Wellington

    Sell your unwanted car for cash to the reliable car wreckers in Wellington!

    Mega Car Collection are premier car buyers in Wellington who can offer top cash for your car. We know how difficult it is to find a car buyer who understands the true worth of a vehicle. Many car wreckers lack the knowledge to identify the positive aspects of a scrap car. It may be accidental, but its engine could be of higher value. It may be one of your unwanted cars, but for others, it could be a need.

    Our cash for cars Wellington crew understands these aspects and considers all the factors while quoting the price. And, as we value every component of the vehicle, we quote the maximum price you will get here in Wellington. If you want to sell your unwanted vehicle, Mega Car Collection is here to help.

    Right from the initial consultation to scrap car removal, our cash for cars Wellington crew manages it all. So, get top cash for cars along with free car removal service! Call us now.

    Second Hand Car Parts in Wellington

    Saying goodbye to a scrap car is sometimes difficult for a car owner, especially if it is the favourite one in the garage. Even if it is not roadworthy. However, there is a way you can revamp the scrap car at highly affordable prices. Wondering how? By replacing the faulty parts with second-hand car parts available at Mega Car Collection.

    Our cash for cars Wellington crew accepts all sorts of cars and pays instant cash on the spot. Thus, our expansive scrapyard is full of cars from various makes and models. From Audi and BMW to Holden and Jeep, we have all kinds of vehicles from world-leading brands. As a result, you can get a wide range of genuine, second-hand parts for your cars in Wellington. From hoses and radiators to brake pads and windscreens, we have got something for everyone.

    So, whether you want to sell your car or need a specific part, Mega Car Collection got you covered.

    Used Car Parts in Wellington

    When you sell your car to us, we ensure it is put to the best use. We make this possible by thoroughly inspecting the vehicle and recycling the usable parts. Once you call us, our cash for cars Wellington crew asks for the vehicle details. Then, we arrange a visit to inspect and remove the car. We come to your place, perform the assessment and pay instant cash for the scrap car on the spot.

    So, before it goes under the hydraulic machine, we take out the useful functional parts and repair them. These parts are then sold to car owners looking for specific parts. In this way, we reduce mechanical waste and help car owners get genuine, OEM and useful parts at highly affordable prices.

    So, apart from selling your cars in Wellington to us, you can also buy used parts for your favourite car. Call us now.

    Car Removal Services in Wellington

    Being top cash for car service out there, we know the problems car owners face. Maintaining an old car is quite an expensive affair. You may not find the specific car parts, and if you do, the price will certainly burden your pockets.

    Discarding it alone in the garage space doesn’t seem an optimal option too. It will accumulate dirt and make the surroundings unhygienic. If it is parked outside, the air and moisture will cause rusting. So, what to do? The best option is to sell it and get instant cash in return! Yes. You read it right. Mega Car Collection offers cash for cars along with free car removal.

    An old, junk car parked outside your house is an eyesore to the property. Mega Car Collection helps you get rid of it through their professional car removal service. We have highly experienced drivers and staff who tow-away your vehicle safely without any charges. So, why wait? Call now!



    Yes. If you need a specific part for your old car, you can get it from Mega Car Collection. We accept cars of all makes, models, manufacturing year, and brands. We are sure you can get the best second-hand parts that will precisely fit the vehicle and let you enjoy your favourite ride. Call us now!

    Mega Car Collection are trusted and reliable car wreckers in Wellington with years of experience buying used cars. We offer the highest price for unwanted cars and pay on the spot. Plus, we remove your scrap, junk cars for free! So, make the right choice and sell your car to us today!


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