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    Cash for Cars Auckland

    If you are looking to sell your scrap car for cash in Auckland, we are ready to buy – no questions asked.

    Selling a used car comes with various challenges, but there’s always a better, easier way out. And we are here to offer exactly what you need.

    Mega Car Collection makes the exit of your old, unwanted vehicle stress free. When you sell to us, you will be dealing with one person who is already interested in buying your car. So, you can save yourself a great sales pitch.

    Cash for Cars in New Zealand Auckland is a convenient solution for disposing of unwanted vehicles while receiving great financial incentives. Instead of allowing your old car to rust in your garage, you can earn cash for used cars. Moreover, when you choose us as your cash for scrap cars in Auckland services, you can rest assured that you are going to get a fair valuation for your old cars. We will give you a price quote after a quick assessment, taking into consideration the current condition of your vehicle.

    With us, you don’t have to worry about bringing your car to the scrap yards. We will do it for you. If you accept our offer, we will arrange same-day doorstep pick-up, and your car will be gone like 1-2-3. But before we leave, we will make full cash payment on the spot

    Do you want to dispose of your old cars or damaged cars in order to earn money on the spot?

    If your used car spends more time at the mechanic’s than with you, it had better be gone. We offer instant cash for used and unwanted cars that you no longer want on your driveway.

    You hate your junk car? Want to get rid of it? Good. You’d be glad to know that we are ready to buy it for top dollar. It would be more money than anyone in Auckland would be ready to pay for your piece of trash.

    Be it a total wreck or a money guzzler, we hardly care. Is it a granny car that you are selling? Scoff it off. We won’t feel embarrassed buying it. We are one of the most trusted car buyers with our free cash for cars service. When it comes to car removals, we offer the best price for private and commercial vehicles. With a long list of satisfied customers under our belt and a team dedicated to delivering the best possible service, your old vehicle is our responsibility. We do the entire process privately with a free pickup and instant cash offer.

    All you have to do is give us a call and arrange a doorstep pick-up anywhere in Auckland for the best cash for cars Auckland.

    Get Instant Cash for Scrap Cars : Upto $11000

    Nobody in their right mind would pay cash for scrap cars, except us, because that’s what we do for a living. We recycle unwanted scrap cars that are no longer roadworthy or worthy of being driven. Our scrap car yard is where every unwanted or unsafe car meets death in an environmentally friendly manner rather populating the already brimming landfills. And the best part is you can get up to $11000 cash for your old, unwanted car.

    Sell Used Cars for Cash and Get Amazing Offers

    Mega Car Collection offers the best price for junk cars in Auckland. Being one of the largest junkyards in the region, we maintain professionalism all along, from picking up your first phone call through car removal to handing you the cash.

    We are the most trusted car removal company for our hassle free car removal service and instant cash payment. We keep the entire process of car removal for quick cash seamless and easy with free towing and discretion. We will remove your car privately and provide you with a fair and competitive offer. We are known for offering the best price with a free, no-obligation quote and hassle-free car removal.

    Give us a call today to arrange car removal in Auckland, at a time that suits you.

    Get Maximum Cash for your Car in Auckland

    If you are having trouble finding a reliable car buyer to sell your car, Mega Car Collection is here to help. We are one of the leading companies who offer top cash for cars Auckland.

    It is understandable that you won’t get the same price as ours, as there are car wreckers out there who lack automotive knowledge. But that’s not the case with Mega Car Collection. We have highly experienced car wreckers in the team, having in-depth knowledge of new and old unwanted cars. Our car wreckers thoroughly assess the ins and outs and offer the highest cash for cars Auckland. Why? Because we know the value of each and every component. It may have a wrecked body, but it’s the engine that adds value to the vehicle. We consider all the factors when offering you with the best possible quote for your broken car. You can trust our expertise and experience in cash for cars service. At every step of the process, we ensure a seamless process to minimise your efforts, from towing to instant cash payment. Our team will come to your site for pick up as per your schedule and convenience. Our cash for cars service is the best you can ask for. After all, we are the most sought-after cash for car company, offering the best prices.

    So, get the best cash for cars Auckland offers, along with a free car removal service from Mega Car Collection. Call us now.

    Sell your Junk & Unwanted Car for Cash in Auckland

    We offer top cash for cars Auckland, irrespective of the car make and model.

    If your old car is not roadworthy enough, then the best send-off for it is to sell it. Yes, you read it right. There are car wreckers in the market ready to offer cash for your vehicle. At Mega Car Collection, we accept cars of all makes and models regardless of the condition. If nothing else, we value the metal and pay you accordingly. Get quick cash for your broken car. We pay top cash for cars West Auckland.

    So, if there is an unwanted junk car parked in your garage, then make better use of it and sell it to us. Accidental? Expired registration? Partially broken cars or completely wrecked? We don’t care. Just sell it to us and get the maximum price for your car. We are the most trusted car buyers, and we pay cash for unwanted vehicles.

    What else? We keep the process simple and straightforward and pay in hard cash. No questions asked. So, wait no more. Call us now for a free car removal service and get paid in cash.


    If you are tired of your old junk car, then get in touch with leading car wreckers at Mega Car Collection, which offers hassle free car removal services. We have the experience, knowledge and tools to help you get rid of the scrap car. Our auto appraisers offer the highest quote for the vehicle and tow it away for free. So, wait no more. Call us now for the best Auckland cash for cars service.

    If your car is a total wreck, then its body still holds some value. Depending upon the type of material used by the manufacturer, you can get a good amount of money. Metal cars attract more cash than the plastic ones. So, after a thorough assessment, we can provide the exact value of your car. Call us now for the best cash for cars service.


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