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    Sell your Used Car in Auckland

    There’s no need to let your damaged and old vehicle remain on your property for any longer than necessary, thanks to scrap car removal in Auckland. At Mega Car Parts and Collection, we’ve been purchasing seemingly valueless vehicles, ranging from 4x4s to trucks, for over 15 years, and we guarantee quick retrievals and unbeatable quotes. Learn more about the benefits of our services by reading below. We’ll also explain why we’re such a high-value company.

    Free Junk Car Removal in Auckland

    Apart from the free car removal service, some of the primary advantages of letting our professionals remove your vehicle include:

    • Do your part for the environment: When you call a company that offers services such as old car removal in Auckland, you can minimise your carbon footprint while protecting our finite resources without lifting a finger. Our highly trained professionals can salvage raw materials, repurpose parts and ensure nothing goes to waste unnecessarily. Contribute to a sustainable future by calling our old vehicle collectors.
    • Make some money by selling your unusable car: If your vehicle is beyond repair, unsafe and unsellable, you might assume it’s worthless. However, our scrap professionals can offer you an excellent price for your seemingly valueless car. We’re happy to provide free, no-obligation quotes. Moreover, if you receive a better quotation elsewhere, we’ll happily bid if possible.
    • Get rid of your vehicle without having to lift a finger: There’s no need to call a towing company or leave your car rusting away on your property when you could let our professionals retrieve it from you while lining your wallet in the process.

    Why Mega Car Parts and Collection Is Cost-Effective

    In addition to our superb customer support offering, people call our professionals thanks to our competitive quotes and convenient service. We’re a high-value company for reasons including:

    • We can retrieve any vehicle: Whether you have a useless 4×4, truck, ute, van or car, we can take it off your hands. We can pick up any vehicle regardless of its make and model and pay you on collection. We don’t believe there’s a more clear-cut scrap car service in NZ than ours.
    • We offer free competitive quotes: We don’t expect our clients to agree to anything with which they feel uncomfortable. Before we retrieve your vehicle, we’ll give you a free quotation, which you can accept or refuse. We don’t use pushy sales tactics because we take pride in our superior level of customer service.
    • We collect your car for free: Should you agree to let our professionals retrieve your vehicle; we’ll arrive at your location within 30 minutes equipped with a suitable pickup truck to remove your car promptly. Best of all, we pay our customers in cash – no waiting around for payments when you choose Mega Car Parts and Collection.

    A History of Cash for Old Cars in NZ

    Companies have been purchasing useless vehicles from motorists for decades, but the industry has become increasingly lucrative thanks to scrap metal schemes and the need to protect our finite resources. We endeavour to take care of our environment by salvaging old cars while helping our customers make some money in the process. If you want to learn more about our services, we welcome you to contact us.

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