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    Creative Upcycling Ideas for Scrap Cars

    Car scrapping is the inevitable choice when your car has been fully utilised and has reached the end of the road. The usual route that most people take is to sell their car for cash. The scrapping process involves cutting the car into pieces and recycling it. This sustainable method saves waste and impacts the environment positively in the long run.

    However, you can also choose to repurpose your scrap cars instead of selling them. Here are some of the creative ways in which you can upcycle your scrap cars:

    Car Seat Deck Chair and Lounge

    One of the most creative methods of transforming your car parts into usable items is by utilising your car seat. Car seats are super comfortable since they are made in such a way that people can sit on them for hours. These seats have support in all the right places. By taking the seat from your scrap car removal in Auckland, you can turn it into a comfortable chair for your deck by attaching the car’s seat base to a wooden base.

    Alternatively, you can use the complete seating with half of the car, give it a fresh coat of paint, and use it as your luxurious lounge. If you take it one step further, you can separate the hood of the car and install a car seat in the middle to give your home a retro look.

    Car Engine Coffee Table

    The engine of your car can be repurposed to look like a futuristic piece of furniture. Use the engine block from your car by carefully removing the oil, dust, and debris. Once the engine is completely cleaned, place a glass or wooden table at the top. This transforms your entire room into a coffee table that is a sight to behold!

    Seatbelt Key Holder

    If you have a habit of misplacing your keys, you can now rest easy with a seatbelt key holder, which is practical as well as effective. Use your seatbelt holder and a nail to secure the buckle end to a piece of wood. Or you can simply hang it up on the nail. Now you can push the button to release your keys or snap them back to hold them in place once you are done using them.

    Tire Planter

    When your car is scrapped, you get access to all four tires. You can use these tires in various ways. One such method to reuse the rounded rubber is by carving one side of the tire and using it as a beautiful planter. You can cut the tire into different pieces or create a pattern if you want it to look aesthetically pleasing. Additionally, you can also make a pedestal base for your planter with the wheel rim. Both the tire and wheel rim can also be repurposed as the base of your chair or table.

    Glove Box Storage Station

    The glove box attached to your car can act as an extra storage space in your home. Secure the glove box compartment to a wall and use it as a space to organise your mail, folders, or important documents such as your house bills. You can also use it as a space to organise your child’s art. Place your child’s coloring book and crayons along with it and use it as a complete colouring station.

    Car Door Handle Cupboard Hardware

    Want to add a touch of silver shine to your kitchen? You can now do so by utilising your car handle and repurposing it as hardware. Drill your storage spaces or cupboards and lock the handle into place exactly how you want it to.

    Wheel Rim Rope or Hose Storage

    If you enjoy gardening and washing your car on a regular basis, then you may have a hose for this purpose. Instead of storing your hose in your garage or in areas where it may take up extra space, you can hang the rose on the wheel rim. For this to work, you first need to screw the steel rim into your garage or shed. Place your hose or long ropes in the rim easily and keep them from tangling up after use.

    Car Home Decor

    There are various creative ways to upcycle the car parts that you get from car scrapping. You can use various parts of your car or engine to create a table lamp, a usable holder, or other decorative purposes. You can also hang different parts of your car to match the aesthetics of your house. If you want more practical use for your scrapped car, you can even make a desk out of it and use it for your everyday office work.

    Car Pool Table

    A fun and creative way to use your car is by transforming it into a pool table. Remove the roof of your car and use the lower portion. Fit your pool table and use it for fun and engaging times with your family and friends.

    Artistic Sculptures

    If you have a passion for art, you can transform your scrap cars into artistic sculptures. By painting, welding, or reshaping the car, you can create different forms and use it as a centerpiece in your home or garden.

    To sum it up, you can transform or repurpose your scrap car by using it for a variety of purposes instead of just throwing it away or selling it. From usable items to home decor, unleash your creativity and make a style statement in your home by upcycling your car.



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