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    How Do Professional Car Wrecking Services Calculate The Price They Pay You?

    Do you feel that the old damaged car does not have any value? That is not true! Even if the vehicle is aging, it will always have some salvage value. This is the price that you can expect to receive if you get in touch with the car wrecking service.

    If you communicate with the best “cash for cars in Auckland” services you may not have to face a total loss. Mega Car Collection’s car wrecking team will always guarantee that the best salvage cost is calculated in your case.

    Why are car wrecking services still a better choice?

    Are you thinking of getting the old scrap car repaired? This may not be the right choice. Repairing an old damaged car is never cost-effective. You may end up investing a lot of money. The car may not get repaired fully.

    You cannot drive your car out on the road. It will also keep breaking down very often. Wrecking the junk is the best choice. If you approach the car wrecking team you will at least be able to retain some money. This is one positive aspect of car wrecking services.

    What do car wrecking services check?

    Car wreckers are never interested in the model and the make of the vehicle when calculating the value. There are still a lot of other things that they may want to check. A good team will always maintain a list of spare parts that are still in working condition

    The inspecting team will inspect each part before offering you the best price. They will also pay attention to the condition of the metal. Any car metal is worth twenty percent of the price of the brand new car of the same model in the market.

    Experts check with the cosmetic accessories

    There are a lot of cosmetic accessories used in any car. These types of accessories may include the Air Conditioning units installed in the car. They also check with the seat and the seat covers. If there is a CD player in the car then the team will check if it is still working.

    Some of the experts might even pay attention to the condition of the tyres. The headlamps and light indicators are also checked. They will also check with the car battery. A car engine can always be traded for the best price if it is still working or can be repaired.

    Compare price with the retail market

    Any part that is not worn out, can be sold back in the retail market. The team will compare the price of the spares in the current retail market. They will fix the right price they should pay you.

    If the choice is right, you can expect at least twenty per cent value as compared to the market price. The amount paid is good as compared to its condition.


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