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    Trust Our Professionals for Scrap Car Removal in Auckland

    If you have an unusable vehicle stealing space on your property, you should call us to learn more about the benefits of scrap car removal in Auckland. Our professionals can purchase your vehicle for a price that might surprise you, and we’re happy to provide free, no-obligation quotes before collection. Learn more about our services by reading below.

    What You Can Expect from Mega Car Parts and Collection Regarding Cash for Scrap Cars in Auckland

    Here’s why you can trust our professionals to retrieve your vehicle and pay you a handsome sum for it:

    • A high-value price for your scrap car: We aim to offer the highest prices for scrap vehicles in Auckland. We’re happy to provide free quotes by telephone or email. Moreover, we’re willing to bid for any better quotation you receive from another scrap car collector. We’ll also retrieve your vehicle free of charge if you’re happy with our price, which we’re confident you will be.
    • An efficient pick-up service: We understand many of our clients want to get rid of their car as fast as possible if all it does is occupy driveway space, ruin their home’s kerb appeal and attract pests. For that reason, we’ll retrieve your vehicle within 30 minutes after you confirm you’re happy with our quote. Plus, as mentioned above; we don’t charge a cent for collecting your car.
    • An environmentally conscious service: We promise to salvage as many materials and parts from your old and unusable vehicle as possible because we want to protect our world’s finite resources, minimise our carbon footprint and help you do the same. By selling your car to us, you can not only make some cash but also contribute to a cleaner environment in the process.

    Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Car Scrap in Auckland

    As a highly experienced company, we’re aware of most of the mistakes people make regarding their unusable vehicle, some of which include:

    • Assuming their car is worthless: Too often, people think that because their vehicle isn’t fit for the road and is beyond repair, it couldn’t possibly be worth any money. However, our professionals know how to salvage raw materials and restore parts to full working order (depending on the severity of the damage), which is why we can buy your vehicle for a higher price than you might expect.
    • Waiting too long to call the scrap car collectors: The longer you leave your vehicle to rot and wear away, the less valuable it will become. If you want to make as much money from the sale of your seemingly useless car as possible, we recommend calling us sooner rather than later.
    • Visiting a scrap yard with a poor reputation: Not all companies within our industry enjoy the same excellent reputation as us. For example, some firms may sell dangerous parts without restoring them to save money, while others may dispose of waste irresponsibly.

    How Much Do You Know about Cash for Scrap Cars?

    Many people still don’t realise the scrap metal and vehicle industry is lucrative, which is why they often accept a price that’s too low for their car or neglect to call our collectors at all. If you have any questions about what we do or want to obtain a quote, we encourage you to call us.

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