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    Should you buy or lease a car?

    Should you buy or lease a car? This may sound a simple question, but the answer to this is nowhere plain. It is actually a tough choice to consider between both the methods. Of course, we all know that leasing a car includes getting a car from a bank or an agent and then paying on a monthly basis as long as you use it. While when you buy a vehicle directly, you pay whole and once for all and then the car is yours! But between these both methods, there are certain ups and downs.

    What is better – leasing or buying a vehicle?

    You want a new car for sure. Your old car has probably turned into junk and you are ready to hand it over to Mega Car Collection providing car removals in Auckland for free from your property with great rates for the dumped vehicle. But when it comes to the procedure of getting a new car, there’s a lot of confusion. So, let’s try to help you out:

    The budget criterion — The primary decision of leasing or buying a vehicle highly depends upon the amount of money you have ready with you. If you can afford to buy the car on one go, we would suggest dropping the idea of leasing. But if you can’t arrange that sum, then obviously this is the best procedure for you.

    The total amount of money spent — When you buy a car, you have to pay a reasonable amount of money on time. But if you are opting for leasing, you are always paying much more than you would have paid otherwise. (You can calculate the total amount and check if you want to!)

    strong>The freedom to use it — A leased car comes with lots of terms and conditions. You have to maintain the car a lot if you don’t want to lose a lot of money in its repair charges. You have to use the car only under a certain fixed kilometre distance. (Crossing this leads to increase in the charges) and of course a mindful, strict maintenance of the car is also very important. You are liable for any damage happening to the vehicle when it’s with you. But when you buy it, you aren’t liable for any such restrictions and can use and drive it as you like. You can even sell it as scrap against cash for cars in west Auckland if you don’t feel like using the car anymore, no one would stop you from doing so!

    The hidden terms and conditions— You just couldn’t point your finger to the hidden terms and conditions of the lease contract of a car. Even if it’s a small procedure of changing the vehicle you are using and getting another model after a year or two, you are charged for a dozen fees from the company and then the new contract is made. You are totally drained out of your money in this way. And when you buy the car, you don’t have to bear any such conditions.

    Between leasing and buying a car, we found all the benefits in purchasing a vehicle. But again, if you are looking for a short-term medium of transport and budget is a crucial reason, leasing is alright to consider as well! 

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