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    Top Reasons To Check The Life Of Your Car

    It isn’t enough to buy or replace a car. One has to have experts assess your vehicle visually and physically to ensure longevity and safety on the road. Regular dusting, routine servicing and inspection by professionals are unavoidable factors to keep the life of your vehicle in check.

    The COVID-19 pandemic had enforced isolation as a preventive measure. People tried to play safe with social distancing by keeping their cars locked up in the garage. With things slowly opening up, everyone wanted to take their four-wheelers out for a spin.

    But there are things that can go wrong if your car sits unused for an extended period and is taken out for a drive on a whim.

    Keep reading to know why you should keep a check on the life of your vehicle

    1. To keep pests and rodents at bay

    One can draw parallels between the condition of an idle mind, in the common phrase “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop”, and an unused car.

    A car is not the owner’s alone. It is as much a property of the passengers using it. Routine checks help identify whether the vehicle is hygienic and in good shape. When the vehicle was sitting unused, children may have used it as a plaything. They may have sat inside with snacks and had a good time, ignorant of how their spilled food crumbs would turn the ride into a hub for pest infestation.

    2. To prevent a dead battery

    A car is to be driven and not kept unused. In modern vehicles, an electric generator powers the system running the engine. An automobile’s battery gets charged only when used.
    No response at ignition, and hard to start are signs of a problematic battery. Professionals recommend that you drive for at least 30 minutes a week at highway speeds. Since a dead battery is neither recyclable nor roadworthy, it’s better to get a replacement from a place like Wellington Car Wreckers.

    3. To avoid a flat tire when driving

    Since tires carry the weight of a car, a flat tire in the middle of the road can obstruct a successful outing experience. Regular inspection by professionals helps identify any fault that can lead to unexpected hospital or repair bills. Issues with problematic wheels can lead to skidding in a wet road when brakes are applied. Sparks resulting from unplanned friction may also cause fire.

    One may think they can drive to the nearest repair shop with a punctured tire, but they should not. Damaged rims can ruin the car’s condition beyond repair. Routine maintenance can identify problems with alignment, suspension, and handling, and prevent expensive repairs.

    4. To prevent brakes from going bad

    One should not let their cars sit uncovered and unused for long as it may rust and prove hazardous when driven again.

    5. To maintain the fuel pump

    Professionals can advise on some best practices such as use of leaded fuel or oil change to maintain a car’s fuel pump.


    Follow the above 5 points to prepare your car and hit the road, after a long time spent undriven.


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