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    3 most common car selling scams

    With the aspect of car selling, one needs to make sure that he not only manages to sell his car to a trusted dealer, but even get the best available price as well. Unfortunately for a lot of people out there, the second aspect is not as important a priority as the first.

    Sure, certain services that deal with cash for cars in Auckland may sound extremely tempting at first, but one mustn’t rush into these matters. Since car selling is never an easy or straightforward business to be precise, this is exactly why one needs to be even more wary about certain scam businesses and services out there. On that very note, here are some of the main scams to watch out for:-

    • Swap scam: This exploits websites where customers have advertised their car for sale. Once the fraudsters have contacted the customer, they will suggest a swap rather than a purchase. This is the first and main warning to most customers out there as the swap car will probably be a stolen one.
    • The deposit fraud: In this regard, the fraudulent seller will employ high-pressure sales tactics in order to con customers into paying a large deposit as quickly as possible. Once your deposit is with them, they will simply vanish.
    • Rental car scam: Here, the seller will make sure that he offers as many deals to a wide range of customers in a specific timeframe. Once he has pocketed all of the deposit money, he just returns the car to the rental firm and disappears.

    Only after having made sure that none of the above three scams are in any of the testimonials of the services you plan to inspect, should you go ahead and approach trusted services. In any case, one needs to be wary of them at all times, whether you are dealing with cash for junk cars or cash for old cars as well.

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