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    Checklist for selling your car for cash in Auckland

    If you are someone who is looking for a checklist to know the correct way to sell your car then below are some of the steps that will help you in fetching a good amount of cash for your car in Auckland.

    Prepare your car beforehand

    Get your vehicle clean
    First impressions count and when selling your car, this is no different. Make sure your car is presentable and a good clean inside and out has been delivered. To get it finished properly, it is worth spending a couple of bucks, as this will add a couple of hundred dollars to the overall selling price.

    Pay all your unpaid loans
    Make sure your car doesn’t have any money owed to it. If you bought the car from a loan, before attempting to sell it it’s best to pay it fully off. Buyers are much more reluctant to buy a car on credit because it will actually make things much more complicated unless you can persuade them that you can pay the remainder of the loan upon completion of the transaction.

    Get all your past service records
    Dig out all the receipts for the car service and any paperwork for repairs. Car buyers love to see a vehicle’s service history, which reassures them that it has been well looked after and also for their piece of mind. It’s suggested that you have your car serviced just before you sell it even better if you can.

    Decide the price
    It’s time to place a price on your car now. But what’s the best price you would expect to get for it? The best way to quickly find out this is through a comparison site for cars where you get different offers from dealers depending on the market rate you can compare. Since you want to set a price that will attract demand but not are too low and a great price as well as fast sale.

    Selling of your vehicle

    Set the best outlook
    Place the car in such a manner that the prospective buyer can see around the outside and get inside quickly. Then stand back and encourage the buyer in their own time to inspect the vehicle.

    Exchange securely
    Not all traders are genuine. Various scams are in action from time to time. If it seems that the deal is real, sometimes it is not.

    Want to take test drive
    It is fair to let them take the vehicle for a test drive if they inquire. But initially ask for their license to see in order to make sure they are protected by your insurance to drive your vehicle in the event of an accident. As a passenger, accompany them if you feel safe. Or, if they provide you with the keys to their cars as protection, you might consider letting them take your car for a test drive.

    Depositing of money
    If both agree on a price, then the buyer will usually offer a deposit of several hundred dollars. You should write down two identical receipts that identify the vehicle, state the agreed sale price, the amount approved as a deposit, the date on which full payment must be made, and other terms you may have agreed too. Buyer and seller then need to sign both receipts.

    Final Payment
    You will need to make sure you have been paid before you hand over the keys. The most popular method of payment is by direct credit.
    Do not accept a purchaser’s personal cheque. Because if they do not have ample money then the cheque will get bounced.

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