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    Fogged up car? Ways to deal with it easily!

    Are you out and about during the rainy season or when the weather is going all foggy? Well, there are very high chances that even the windows of your car have lots of fog over it. We understand that there are serious issues to driving smoothly and perfectly in such conditions. When you can’t even see what’s in front of you easily because of the blurred screen, obviously, you can’t drive properly. Well, you might be aware that this can also turn out to be a very dangerous situation as well.

    How to manage driving in a fully fogged car?

    There are innumerable reasons because of which your car becomes so fogged up. Well, the most common reason for the same can be weather conditions which bring in a lot of moisture both inside and outside the vehicle. Sometimes there are some wet seat covers or your clothes adding to the problem and even your breathing can be a factor. (You obviously can’t do much about it!)  But you should be aware that the problem this fog causes which blurs your windshield can lead to dangerous accidents. And sometimes the damage can be so huge that you’ve to give away your vehicle to car wreckers in Manukau like Mega Car Collection. They provide good rates in exchange for such badly damaged cars and even pick these up from the accident sites. But isn’t it always better to prevent such mishaps from occurring? Well, in this case, it can easily be done by following the below listed ways to manage the fog build up in your car:

    Spark up the heat — The best way and a shortcut to get rid of excess fog in your vehicle is to keep your heater on high temperature. This immediately increases the humidity in the car and the problem of fog disappears immediately.

    Use the air conditioner — We understand that it might be really freezing outside. But watching the road ahead is important too. That is why just be a little uncomfortable right now to ensure that you are the safest on the roads. You have to turn on the air conditioner for a few minutes so that the moisture or the fog on the glasses decrease and you can see clearly what lies ahead of you.

    Open the windows a little — Just to decrease the fog on the windows, open the windows a little for some minutes. As soon as you see the fog on the glasses has decreased, you can close it back again. Repeat the procedure after some time if the fog builds up again.

    Clean the outside window — Sometimes the moisture inside the car decreases as you use all the above tactics. But the issue might be on the exterior glass. To get rid of this, you have to use special cleaners or de-icers for the outside windows and windshield. You just have to spray it on the outside of the windows and if there is an ice build-up, it melts away immediately. Well, this can be the quickest way to get rid of the moisture on the glasses and prevent your car from turning into a candidate for scrap cars for cash in the junkyard.

    Well, these are the best ways to get rid of the fog in your car and on the windshield and glasses. Apart from these, you can chuck the wet items in the vehicle if possible so that the problem doesn’t increase, and you can prevent a serious accident from happening.

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