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    New drivers and their drastic mistakes

     Let us accept the fact. We all have times when we learn something new. Not everyone is an expert from the day he/she was born. So, we have all passed from the early days of learning driving as well. We have all experienced something drastic because of our mistakes then. And we bet each one of us wants the other new drivers to be aware of those mistakes so that they can be saved from the loss you had to face during that time.

    Some common mistakes new drivers commit and should be saved from

    If we believe the experts who scrap cars via Mega Car Collection, who scrap dozens of cars on a daily basis, most of the cars they receive for scrapping have been damaged by the new drivers. So, you can well imagine how much is the need to protect such drivers from committing the mistakes that often lead their cars to the scrappers and them to the hospitals. And we have seen that most of these drivers are teenagers. So, the need to make them aware of the situation is even more. Now read about some mistakes that new drivers make and should be avoided at all costs.

    Driving without checking the car — Here is another one reason why a vehicle is given in exchange of cash for cars in Hamilton to the scrappers. The new drivers don’t even find the need to check and inspect, let alone the question of repairing the car properly before taking it out somewhere. The result is really serious and sometimes the car is damaged due to the loose parts of the vehicle or the improper inflation of the tyres or the brake is too jammed. All such problems could have been avoided if the driver would have taken a keen interest in checking the car properly before setting out in it.

    Driving while talking or texting — This is a common thing that you will find in most of the teenagers who are new drivers. They tend to talk on their mobile phones and even text while they’re driving. They definitely overestimate their expertise, and this often leads to a huge crash and accident of the vehicle.

    Over-speeding the vehicle — Over speeding is something that we find both in new and old drivers. But the new ones, especially the teenage drivers tend to go beyond the speed limit a lot. This may be because either they are too excited to drive the car, or they are not aware of the speed limit that they should ideally follow. In both cases, the damage is drastic.

    Not adjusting the seat and the mirror — We call it uncomfortable driving. This is something that often is found in new drivers. They don’t adjust their seats and mirrors and that is why they are very uncomfortable while driving. This even makes them nervous, and they tend to bumper crash their car into another vehicle or pole.

     Well, these are the most common mistakes that you will often hear the new drivers making. If you can come on, try making them aware of these and avoid them at all costs. Because in the end not only they are impacted because of these mistakes, but even we are.

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