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    Top causes your steering to make noise when turning!

    Does your car screech and squeal when you take a turn? Well, this voice is coming from your steering. Normally, whenever you take turns or even drive around rapidly in your vehicle, it shouldn’t create much disturbance. But if you are finding the issue quite common and frequent, then there might be something wrong in your steering or some other parts of the car (leading to this issue). It is very necessary that you find the cause behind it and treat the problem immediately.

    The common reasons for steering noise during turns

    When there is any problem in your car, it definitely gives out some signs. The voice in your steering when taking turns is one of those signs. And if you don’t read these signs on time, then you’ll have to handover your vehicle in exchange for cash for scrap cars in Hamilton to Mega Car Collection. They pick up all sorts of vehicles from your doorstep that are to be scrapped and provide you money for it. Now, if you want to avoid such a serious situation, then do read about these causes behind the noise in your steering:

    The problem in jounce bushing of the car — The front strut of your vehicle consists of a part called jounce bushing which becomes dry due to lack of lubrication. It is because of this dryness that whenever you turn your steering, it creates a weird sound. And if you are not lubricating this part immediately or ignoring the issue for long, then you will face serious consequences later.

    Bad power steering rack — Your power steering rack connects your steering to the other parts of the car. And this tends to get worn out after some period of time. When your steering is making really loud sounds even when the car is running at a low speed, then most probably your power steering rack is damaged, and you need to change it immediately.

    Bad struts and shocks — The steering system also comprises struts and shocks which have a certain lifespan. And if you keep on driving the car regularly, then these are prone to damage even before their life ends. The clear sign of bad struts and shocks are the voices coming from your steering wheel whenever you take the turn.

    Bad tie rod ends — The moment you turn a steering wheel, there are the tie rods which make the wheels move in response. If this tie rod is loose or damaged, it will create a knocking, clunking, and even creaking sound. And this issue happens even when you turn your car at a low speed.

    Power steering fluid leaks — The steering system bearing fluid leakage is another common problem that you should immediately take into consideration. If not, then the issue of squeaks and screeches while turning becomes quite normal. This issue doesn’t just stop here; it intensifies with time and makes even your steering turn hard leading to serious accidents. Well, it’s one of the reasons for scrapping such vehicles for meagre cash for cars.

    Now the next time you hear such sounds coming from your steering each time you take a turn, stop there, and don’t ignore it at all. Call your mechanic and get everything listed above checked properly so that you can prevent the issue from becoming more serious and bigger.

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