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    The best steps to get a great price for your junk car!

    Is there an old car lying on your garage occupying the space? Well, you are not alone. This is a story of every second house owner. Nowadays people tend to ignore the need to scrap such cars and that is why these occupy the properties for several years. But are you aware that when you sell this car to wreckers, they provide you good money in exchange for them? We think this reason is enough to contact a car wrecker immediately and get rid of this old car lying in your property. What say? But there is always this question — will they give you good money in exchange for the car?

    Ø  How to get the best price from wreckers in exchange for the old car?

    The car wreckers in Manukau tend to jump at such opportunities when you present them your old junk car and show the desire to sell it. They’ll happily come to your place to pick these up and provide you the best cash in return. But, you might not be satisfied by their quotations. In such a case it’s always better to try these tricks and get the best deal.

    o   Get the recent price of your car —Your car might be old. But surely the model still exists. You can always inquire about the recent value of the vehicle. There are websites that would help you ascertain the value of your car keeping in mind a myriad of parameters – like – age, mileage etc.

    o   Try getting quotes from multiple wreckers — Another great way to get a good value for your junk car is to get quotes from multiple wreckers. Try showing your vehicle to at least three wreckers before you take your pick.

    o   Choose the auto wrecker who is known for paying good returns on time — Not all car wreckers offer great prices for your car. So, only contact the popular car wreckers in south Auckland like Mega Car Collection who always pays you a good sum in exchange for your vehicle as compared to other wreckers who normally skimp in this segment.

    o   Go for dropping the car to the wreckers — You can also get the best price for the junk car when you offer to drop the vehicle to the junk-yard yourself. The car wreckers save a lot of their time and even efforts and that’s why they don’t haggle.

    o   Bargain wisely — Bargaining isn’t acceptable in all businesses. But when you are sending the car to the wreckers, you can bargain. If this is done wisely and politely, you can always get the price raised easily.

    Now getting good rates in exchange for your junk car is possible. We don’t think you should let that junk car stay in your garage and continue being an eyesore when getting good returns out of it is such an easy task. 

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