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    Never thought of maintaining your car! Face the music!

    Many of us think that maintaining a vehicle is restricted to filling up the fuel tank and washing and cleaning the vehicle. Yes, this is a vital part of maintaining a car or an automobile, but it is not all that it requires to run and own a nice car that works well for you. You have to look into various issues within the engine, in the interior of the car, and even on the outside of it to ensure that it stays and runs perfectly for long.

    Ø  What happens if you don’t maintain your car timely?

    A lot can happen if you aren’t maintaining your car timely. And sometimes the result can be so drastic that you have to opt for car removals in Auckland from Mega Car Collection who take away your scrapped car (that is good for nothing) and pay you a reasonable sum in return. Yes, a badly kept car can turn into a scrap of junk within no time and soon requires selling at lesser rates (when keeping it becomes more of a hassle than convenience). Well, if you are not thinking about vehicle maintenance seriously yet, then keep reading to know the serious effects of an ill maintained car.

    o   You are risking your life and that of others too — Did you know that your vehicle that is not maintained properly is a very risky automobile to run on a road? The jammed engines and other problems in your vehicle can lead to a tremendous accident. This doesn’t only harm you, but also the other vehicles and people on the road.

    o   Keeps on giving you expenses — If you think you are saving a lot of money by not maintaining your vehicle regularly, then you’re highly mistaken. Sometimes expenses that go in repairing the same are huge. And if you are constantly paying a large sum of money to repair your car frequently, then it is better to give away your car to scrap cars for cash in Auckland and replace it with a new one.

    o   Shorter vehicle life —Obviously, when you buy a car, you dream for it to stay with you for at least 3 to 5 years. But a car that isn’t maintained doesn’t even last for 2 years properly.

    o   Poor fuel efficiency— Sometimes your car runs conveniently well even when you aren’t looking after it timely. But the issue arrives when you have to fill up double the fuel for running it.

    o   You have to bear lots of inconveniences — Imagine being stuck amidst a secluded highway in the middle of the night. This can be the result of driving a car that is not serviced properly. You will face this and more such inconveniences (which can be very frequent while travelling) because of your irresponsible way of handling the vehicle.

    These are the major dark sides of not maintaining your car on a timely basis. There can be more which can be totally serious and life endangering as well. In short, your negligence here isn’t recommended at all and should be avoided at all costs.

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