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    Did you know that you can sell your car for cash? If your vehicle is not providing you its optimal value or it is beyond repair, you can opt to sell your car. In fact, you can earn handsomely while doing so. Moreover, when it comes to selling your damaged, dismantled, or scrapped car, you do not have to worry about endless paperwork anymore. Now you can get doorstep car-selling services in exchange for cash which has revolutionised the way people sell their vehicles. 

    Let’s first understand the factors you need to consider while selling your car:

    Understand the Value of Your Car

    Age and Condition

    The first step is to identify the age of the car. The older the car is, the less value it would fetch as compared to new vehicles. The condition of your car also plays a big factor. Whether your car is completely damaged, broken, burned, or just old and yields poor mileage, everything could sum up to its price range. 

    Salvage Value

    Thoroughly check your car with respect to the market value before deciding on the price range for selling your vehicle. You need to consider the salvage value of your car which includes the value of parts and materials that can be reused or recycled. 

    You can also connect with dealers online and get quotes from them. This will help you get an average estimate for your vehicle, helping you narrow down the choice. You can also choose to sell your privately, however, the process might get lengthy. Car dealerships provide you with a feasible choice and help you complete the process of selling your car swiftly. One of the biggest advantages of the latter is that you can easily get a quote that aligns with your asking price. 

    Determine the Asking Price

    Before asking for a quote from car dealerships, prepare an asking price for your vehicle. This asking price is your ideal selling price for your car. Set a button-dollar price for your vehicle. This amount is the lowest you will accept for your vehicle. Determining this value can help you get a fair price in accordance with the market standards. 

    Now use the bottom-dollar price as your jumping off-point and set your asking process slightly higher. This leaves you room for negotiation. Remember to set a value that is as per the standards and not something unrealistic.

    Prepare the Vehicle for Sale

    The condition of your car might not be completely okay when you are selling it. However, it is recommended that you prepare your vehicle for a smooth selling process. Clear out any unnecessary items or personal belongings from the vehicle. It can consist of your cell phone, charger, wallet or even water bottles. 

    After you have made sure no item is in the car, thoroughly clean it. During this process, collect all the necessary documents for your vehicle such as the registration permit as well as service records. You can also prepare your vehicle report history to showcase the past performance of your vehicle. 

    Upon evaluating these factors, you can check out various companies which provide feasible cash for cars Hamilton. Just fill out the form on their websites and get relevant quotes for your car to cash exchange. 

    Car Exchange Process

    Once you open the websites of the car dealership, you will find a form to input your information. Otherwise, look for an option like “Get a Quote” or “Contact Us.” After opening the form, here is the following information you need handy for the exchange process:

    Your Personal Details

    The first step is to fill out the form mentioning your details. This will consist of your name, email address, and phone number. Make sure to correctly fill in your details as it will make it easier for the car companies to contact you. 

    Vehicle Details

    The next information is the details of your vehicle. This includes the year of manufacturing, your purchase year, the car model, its mileage, and other relevant information about your car. Your vehicle’s registration details, licence plate information, and average wholesale value of the vehicle are also some of the information you need to keep in handy. Confirm the correct details for the process to be executed seamlessly. 

    Additional Information

    There would also be an additional space for incorporating information about your car. In this space, you can include information about the condition of your car. Mention if your car has suffered any damage, if there has been any latest repair and other details regarding your car’s condition. Be transparent and include all the details so that the car-selling companies can provide an appropriate quote. 

    Pickup Location

    You can choose to drive and drop your vehicle at the nearest location of the car-selling company. However, one of the best things about these companies is that they will come to your doorstep to collect the car and provide you with the cash. It is that simple. That’s why it is important to mention the correct pickup location so that the company can reach your doorstep within the scheduled date and time. 

    Vehicle Registration 

    The last step is to input information regarding your vehicle registration number. This is a mandatory step as it helps verify the licence plate of your car by uniquely identifying the vehicle or its owner within the issuing region’s vehicle register. 

    Price Range 

    Some companies will also have the option for you to provide your valuation of the car and cash exchange. This is why preparing for an asking price is necessary so that you can negotiate and get a fair deal for your vehicle. You can put a value after doing a careful market evaluation or select cash options if there are any in the form. 

    Vehicle Valuation 

    After you have filled in all the details, cross-check them once again before submitting the form. Next, you will get a call from the car company which will provide you with the final valuation which is subject to inspection. You can negotiate the sales but be transparent about the condition of your car and disclose the repairs, issues, or damage it has faced. Once your car is inspected by the car-selling company, you will be given the accurate value and get cash immediately. 

    How to Choose the Right Buyer

    Search for Specialised Buyers

    Various companies specialise in buying old, damaged, or worn-out cars. Rather than opting for individual buyers which can take more time, you can check out various specialised companies instead. Even if your car has become an obsolete piece of junk after an accident or due to time, selling it to such buyers can fetch you accurate valuations. 


    Look for buyers who offer transparent pricing. These buyers will provide you with detailed information about the valuation and the price of the car concerning the market valuation. Avoid companies that provide you with a fixed price even before inspecting your car as you may be losing on a fair deal. 

    Local Buyers

    You can also research local buyers as they offer you better prices due to lower transportation costs. Check your location and that of the nearest specialised car companies for a hassle-free experience. 

    Cash Range for Your Car

    The cash price for your car depends on various factors. Check out the approximate range of different conditions of vehicles:

    Scrapped Cars: The price of your scrapped car will depend on the size, weight, and salvageable parts of the car. 

    • Cars: $50 to $500
    • SUV or truck: $100 to $800.

    Damaged Cars: The extent of damage, repair costs, and potential salvageable parts help in determining the price of the car. Specialised buyers often pay more for vehicles with easily repairable issues.

    • Mild to moderate damage: $200 to $2000
    • Severe damage: $100 to $1000
    • Limited fire damage: $ 150 to $800
    • Severe fire damage: $100 to $500

    Car Condition: The value of your car significantly depends on its condition. The price of a worn-out or old car will differ from that of a car with moderately good mileage and overall condition.

    • Running condition: $500 to $2000 and above
    • Non-running condition:  $200 to $1000

    Thus, you need to remember the various factors that contribute to the valuation of your car and it can differ according to its condition, damage, model, and mileage. Do your market research to identify specialised companies for selling your car and fill up your information to get relevant quotes to exchange your car for cash.

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